Ready to make your own SOAP? This is such a fun and rewarding experience if you have never done it before. Class begins promptly so please arrive 5 minutes early to get settled in! We'll talk a little bit about what oils go into your soap, why a caustic ingredient such as Lye/Sodium Hydroxide is required to make soap and then you'll get to see it go through to cooking stages. The process we'll be doing is call the Hot Process Method or is sometimes referred to as the Crockpot Method. You'll be familiar with these common household tools used to create your amazing soap! Creating your own 2lb block of soap begins with picking out TWO colors, your scent and even some extra additives such as Salts, Colloidal oatmeal, Coffee grounds, Luffa powder, dried botanicals and even glitter (these ingredients may vary depending on availability) Once you've decided on all of these you then decide how you want it to look whether it be layered, swirled or maybe you'd even like a solid color or no color at all, don't worry there is a demonstration on how to create the most popular technique, the swirl! From start to finish you are creating your very own work of art and the best part about it is getting to use it yourself or give it away as a handmade gift! Once your soap is completed it will need to spend the night at the studio to cool down and the following morning it will be sliced into SEVEN bars of soap and be ready to pick up! So what are you waiting for? Reserve your seat today! $40 per person, AGES 14+, private dates are available for parties/groups (10 people max) Please email or call (518) 584-1450 for more information.  Follow the link below to sign up today!